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what  to wear ...

* Work Clothing 
You will be working near hot flames, ash and soot, so you should wear clothes that may get dirty. Do not wear a tank top or short sleeves - a long sleeve shirt is best. Do not wear shorts/ capris - full length jeans are best. All Garments should be from natural fiber. (100% cotton)
* Old Sneakers/ Work Shoes
For your safety, no open-toed shoes/ sandals are permitted.  We recommend wearing old sneakers.
* Long Hair should be worn close to the head.
For your safety, wearing long hair loose and flowing is not recommended. 

* No Extra Jewelry
Please remove any extra rings, bracelets, necklaces, watches. You do not need to remove Wedding Rings.

what to bring ...

* Old Oven Mits
* Clean Work Apron

* Hair Ties/ Clips (if needed)

* Cotton Bandana to cover hair (encouraged)
* Bottled Water
* Food Storage Containers
* Cell Phone or Camera (encouraged)
* Notebook & Pen (optional)


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