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Public Health and Safety are our highest priority.

a word about  public health 

 All Workshops are planned to be in-person with full compliance with CDC and local protocol regarding COVID-19 and all public health regulations.    

   Activities that can be done outside will be done outside. Extra tables will be used to aid social distancing. All Participants will be updated with related information, as needed.

a word about  fire safety 

 Fire starting, fire maintenance, and coal making will be demonstrated and taught throughout the workshop. No one is required to be in close proximity to fire. 

  There will be several opportunities throughout the workshop when interested participants may assist with fire duties, if they choose to.   

a word about  food safety

   Each class will receive instruction on the standards of food safety as appropriate for the facility, food items and cooking techniques that will be used in each class.

   This class is a Techniques Class. Only Registered Class Participants may choose to taste the food made during the instructional and demonstration portion of the class. Consuming any food items that are prepared in class is optional. 

   In order to maintain the best possible food-safe environment, I have chosen to make the following substitutions and modern adaptions in my classes:

* plastic sterilizable implements (spoons, knives and cutting boards) will be used in lieu of their wooden counterparts


* meat thermometers are used to ensure proper cooking temperatures


* participants will be required to wash hands frequently and wear food-handlers gloves when working with food


* modern coolers with ice will be in use for storing meat and dairy items

If you have any questions, please ask.
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